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Our regular teaching sessions are from 7-8pm every thursday.

Here's our 2023-2024 schedule for Thursday Nights:

Schedule is subject to change without notice.

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7Batrineasca - Romania (beginner) Anna
Oye - Cuba - part 1 (intermediate) Susan
14Dzup Dzup - Bulgaria (beginner) Dorothy
Oye - Cuba (second part) Susan
Review: Batrineasca - Anna
21Paraliakos - Greece (beginner) Anna
Review: Dzup Dzup and Oye
28Review: Batrineasca, Oye, Dzup Dzup, Paraliakos
5Mavilim - Turkey (B) Anna
Vrini se Vrini - Macedonia (B) Dorothy
12Adelaide - Churchill dancing at St Philip School
19Kali Tihi - Greece (B) Anna
Joc de Fete - Romania (Int) Dorothy
Review: Mavilim, Vrini se Vrini, Kali Tihi, Joc de Fete
26Review: Kali Tihi, Joc de Fete, Mavilim, Vrini se Vrini
2Mikarov - Israel (Int) Donna
Syrtos Kitrinou - Greece (B) Anna
9Oglan Oglan - Turkey (B) Dorothy
Perach Zehav - Israel (Int) Donna
Review: Mikarov, Syrtos Kitrinou
16Vallija e Rrajces - Albania (B) Anna
Ieven's Polka (Tokyo Polka) - Finnish (Int. four wall) Dorothy
Review: Oglan Oglan, Perach Zahav
23Bahar - Georgian (B - but arm movements) Dorothy
Tvardishko Horo - Bulgaria (Int) Anna
Review: Vallja e Rrajces, Ieven's Polka (Tokyo Polka)
30Review: Mikarov, Syrtos Kitrinou, Oglan Oglan, Perach Zahav, Vallja e Rrajce, Ieven's Polka, Bahar, Tvardishko Horo
7Hora ca la Mahala - Romania (Roma) (Int) Anna
Komt Vrienden in het Ronden - Netherlands (B) Dorothy
14Horehronsky Csardas - Slovenia (B) Dorothy
Lazarsko Horo - Bulgaria (B/I) Dorothy
Review: Hora ca la Mahala, Komt Vrienden in het Ronden
21 Christmas Party
4Ieven's Polka - Finnish (Beg./Int.) - taught by Dorothy
Rona - Israel (Int.) - taught by Donna
11Larsko Horo - Bulgaria (Beg./Int.) - taught by Dorothy
Eshet Chayil - Israel (Adv.) - taught by Donna
Review: Ieven's Polka; Rona
18Annual General Meeting (no teaching tonight)
25Review: Ieven's Polka; Rona; Larsko Horo; Eshet Chayil
1Atma Turku - Turkish (Int.) - taught by Dorothy
Makedonska Devojce - Macedonia (Beg.) - taught by Anna
Review: Larsko Horo; Eshet Chayil
8Lulja e Kurbinit - Albania (Int.) - taught by Dorothy
Eshebo - Israel (Adv.) - taught by Donna
Review: Atma Turku; Makedonska Devojce
15Ya Lel - Israel (B) - taught by Donna
Balta de la Dunareni - Romania (A) - taught by Dorothy
Review: Lulja e Kurbinit; Eshebo
22Vajzash Matjane - Albania - (B/I) Dorothy
Erev Tov - Israel - (I/A) - Donna
Review: Ya Lel; Balta de la Dunareni
29Review: Lulja e Kurbinit; Eshebo; Ya Lel; Balta de la Dunareni; Vajzash Matjane; Erev Tov; Atma Turku; Makedonska Devojce
MARCH 2024:
7Mavromata - Greece - (B/I) Dorothy
Eretz Ahuva - Israel - (A) Donna
Review: Vajzash Matjane; Erev Tov
14Joc de Fete - Romania - (I) - Dorothy
Hama'antezet - Israel - (B/I) - Donna
Review: Mavromata; Eretz Ahuva
21 Grada se Gradi - Bulgaria - (B/I) Dorothy
Machol Rachel - Israel - (A) - Donna
Review: Joc de Fete; Hama'antezet
28Review: Mavromata; Eretz Ahuva; Joc de Fete; Hama'antezet; Grada se Gradi; Machol Rachel
APRIL 2024:
4Arnauteasca - Romania - (A) Dorothy
Dudalas es ugros - Hungary - Anna
Review: Machol Rachel; Grada se Gradi
11Zondaradikos - Greece - (B/I) Dorothy
Valle Toskerishte - Albania - (B/I) Dorothy
Review: Arnauteasca; V David
18Maki Maki - Roma, Serbia Dorothy
Rata - Romania - (I) - Anna
Review: Zondaradikos; Valle Toskerishte
25Review: Arnauteasca; V David; Zondaradikos; Valle Toskeishte; Maki Maki; Rata
MAY 2024:
2V David - Israel - (B/I) Donna
9Grand Review
16Grand Review
23Grand Review
30Last Indoor Party Night
JUNE 2024:
6 First Dancing In the Park of the summer !

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This page covers the Teaching Schedule for 2023-2024.

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