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Our regular teaching sessions are from 7-8pm every thursday.

This was our 2019-2020 schedule for Thursday Nights:

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September 2019:
5Welcome Back! No teaching this week
12Sefonun Evi Rumeli (Turkey) - taught by Anna - beginner
PosTadilu Rozu (Russia) – taught by Donna – beginner
Chiotikus (Greece) - taught by Anna - beginner
19Sirizdin Diyarbakir (Turkey) - taught by Anna - beginner
Setnja (Serbia) - taught by Anna - beginner
26Narino (Turkey) - taught by Anna – beginner
Sila Kale Bal (Serbia) - taught by Donna - beginner
October 2019:
3Konyali (Turkey) - taught by Donna - beginner
Kosturko oro (Macedonia) - taught by Anna - beginner
17Pinosovka (Serbia) - taught by Anna - beginner
Bargaren Yehanag (Armenian) - taught by Dorothy - beginner
24Wyka (Poland) - taught by Donna - beginner
Jondane Johane (Basque, France) - taught by Dorothy - beginner
31Happy Halloween!
November 2019:
7Vaklaj Vaklag (Bulgaria) - taught by Donna - beginner
Svekrivino Oro (Macedonia) - taught by Anna – intermediate
21Daldala (Armenia) - taught by Dorothy - beginner
Ghimpele (Romania) - taught by Anna - intermediate
28Arnauteasca (Romania) - taught by Dorothy - inter/adv
Mari Mariko (Bulgaria) - taught by Donna - beginner
December 2019:
5Mindrele (Romania) - taught by Dorothy – intermediate
Hora de la Soroca (Romania) - taught by Anna - beginner
19Christmas Party!
26No Dancing - Happy Holidays!
January 2020:
2Gorani (Armenia) - taught by Dorothy - beginner
Briuletul (Romania) - taught by Anna - advanced
9Ya da Kalinushka lomala (Russia) - taught by Carol - beginner
Roata Femielor (Romania) - taught by Dorothy - intermediate
16Annual General Meeting
23Bulgarjaszka (Hungarian/Moldova) - taught by Anna - beginner
Tropka de la tulcea (Romania) - taught by Dorothy - advanced
February 2020:
6Take Me Home (USA) - taught by Dorothy - intermediate
Licno Stojne (Macedonia) - taught by Anna - beginner
Advance R’cule (Fr. Canada) - taught by Carol - intermediate
13Cobankat (Albania) - taught by Donna - intermediate
Pomaska Sirto (Macedonia) - taught by Dorothy - beginner
20Im Rotzim (Isreal) - taught by Donna - intermediate
Kecskes (Hungary) - taught by Anna - beginner
March 2020:
5Bre Devojce (Sebia) - taught by Vinod - beginner
Homoljanka (Serbia) - taught by Anna - intermediate
12Debka Amilim (Israel) - taught by Donna - intermediate
Ve David (Israel) - taught by Anna - beginner
19Dancing Suspended due to Covid-19
26Dancing Suspended due to Covid-19
April 2020:
2Dancing Suspended due to Covid-19
9Dana (Romania) - taught by Dorothy via Zoom - intermediate
Hora din Mina (Romania) - taught by Dorothy via Zoom - beginner
16Murguletul din Negreni (Muntenia) - taught by Dorothy via Zoom - intermediate
23Zek Zek Dadumle (Roma)- taught by Dorothy via Zoom
30Hora de la Terova (Romania) - taught by Dorothy via Zoom - beginner
May 2020:
7Dialianna (Greece) - taught by Dorothy via Zoom - beg/inter
14Lazarsko Horo (Bulgaria) - taught by Dorothy via Zoom

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