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Teaching Schedule

Our regular teaching sessions are from 7-8pm every thursday.

This was our 2018-2019 schedule for Thursday Nights:

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September 2018:
6 Just Dancing! - First Night Back
13Baris Halay (Turkey) – Taught by Dorothy
Djado Mitjovata (Bulgaria) – Taught by Donna
Ne Klepeci (Bosnia) – Taught by Dorothy
20Hora din Calafat (Romania) – Taught by Dorothy
Das Fenster (Germany) – Taught by Donna & Anna
27Gocino Kolo (Serbia)- Taught by Dorothy
Dujni Ranke (Bulgaria) – Taught by Donna
October 2018:
4Joc in patru (Romania) – Taught by Anna
Xanime (Kurdish/Turkey ) – Taught by Susan
18Valle Kcim- (Kosovo)- Taught by Dorothy
Jesusita en Chihauhau (Mexico) – Taught by Donna & Susan
Hajde Kalino (Bulgaria)- Taught by Dorothy
25Halloween Party
November 2018:
1Shatty ya Deney (Lebanon) – Taught by Dorothy
Ahmedum (Turkey)- Taught by Anna
Turkish Hora (Turkey)- Taught by Donna
15Rikud Salsa (Israel/Latin)- Taught by Donna
Dobro Ljo (Bulgaria)- Taught by Susan
22Hora (Israel) – Taught by Donna
Joc de Leagane (Romania) – Taught by Anna
29Bo Iti Hagalil (Israel) – Taught by Donna
Circular (Brazil)- Taught by Susan
December 2018:
14Jeitili (Lebanon) – Taught by Dorothy
Bou Nashir (Israel) – Taught by Donna
21Christmas Party
January 2019:
3Hinney (Turkey) – Taught by Anna
Hora Junilor (Romania) – Taught by Dorothy
10Hadorim Bagat (Israel) – Taught by Donna
E Shuka Romnji (Hungary) – Taught by Susan
31Salamati (Israel/ persian music) – Taught by Susan
Balta de la Dunareni (Romania) – Taught by Donna
February 2019:
7Stara Vlainai (Serbia) –Taught by Anna
Rustemul (Romania) – Taught by Donna
14Memede (Macedonia) – Taught by Donna
Tzifetel Turkiko (Greece) Taught by Susan
28Krivo Sadovsko Horo (Bulgaria) Anna
mARCH 2019:
7Indiski Cocek (Macedonia) – Taught by Anna
Sheikhani (Lebanon)- Taught by Dorothy
14Hora Basarabeana (Romania/gypsy) - Taught by Dorothy
White Sandy Beach (Hawaiain) - Taught by Dorothy
28Dere & Na du strane kolo (Croatia) – Taught by Dorothy
Hora de la Chircani (Romania) – Taught by Anna
April 2019:
4Dances from the workshop
Tropanka (Bulgaria)- Taught by Anna
11White Sandy Beach (Hawaii) – Taught by Dorothy
D’Hammershmiedg’selln (Germany)- Taught by Donna
18Nje bahe me o porokalle (Albania) – Taught by Dorothy
Duda Nota ( Hungary) - Taught by Donna
May 2019:
2Dere & Nadu stane kolo (Croatia) – Taught by Dorothy
Cumbia Semana (Latin America) – Taught by Donna
9L’homme Qui Marche (France) – Taught by Dorothy
El Llanero (Venezuela) – Taught by Susan
30Year End Party
6First Dancing In the Park of the Summer!

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