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Our regular teaching sessions are from 7-8pm every thursday.

This was our 2017-2018 schedule for Thursday Nights:

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September 2017:
7 JUST DANCING - First night back
14 Ordog Utja (Hungry) - Taught by Anna
Mom Bar (Armenia) - Taught by Dorothy
Hora Gospodarilor (Romania) - Taught by Donna
21 Dvazti Trizdi (Bulgaria) Taught by Dorothy
Tokio Don Taku (Japan/USA) - Taught by Sandra
28Dandiya Rans (India) Taught by Dorothy
Los Machetes (Mexico) Taught by Dorothy
October 2017:
12 Rodopski Horca (Bulgaria) - Taught by Dorothy
Lassu Sergo (Hungary) - Taught by Anna
19 Review - Te aven Baxtele
Kate, Kate (Bulgaria) - Taught by Dorothy
Marsul lui Cinara (Romania) - Taught by Donna
26Halloween Party
Preplet (Bulgaria) Taught by Dorothy
Corlu Aroman (Romania) Taught by Donna
November 2017:
9Hopa Hopa (Albania) - Taught by Carol
Lakadalmi Tanc (Hungary) - Taught by Anna
16Gun Ola (Turkey) Taught by Vinod
Sirba din Cimpoi (Romania) Taught by Anna
30Ogneno Horo (Bulgaria) - Taught by Dorothy
Jurelul (Romania) - Taught by Anna
December 2017:
7Hora Yisrael (Israel) - Taught by Dorothy
Kumanovsko Oro (Macedonia) Taught by Linda
28No Dancing This Week
January 2018:
4Assoulis (Armenia) - Taught by Dorothy
Hahelech (Israel) - Taught by Donna
11Vlasko za pojas (Serbia) - Taught by Dorothy
Paparuda (Romania) - Taught by Donna
25Annual General Meeting
February 2018:
1Sborenka (Bulgaria) Taught by Dorothy
Szennia Karikazo (Hungary) - Taught by Anna
8Tervelska Raka (Bulgaria) - Taught by Dorothy
Mayim (Israel) - Taught by Dorothy
15Isa (Romania) - Taught by Dorothy
Tefilati (Israel) - Taught by Dorothy
March 2018:
1Serbez Donka (Macedonia) Taught by Dorothy
Konyali (Turkey) - Taught by Dorothy
8Hora Lautareasca (Kotansky)(Romania) Taught by Dorothy
Hakol Patuach (Israel) - Taught by Donna
22Staro Planinsko Kolo (Serbia) Taught by Anna
Shelag al Iri (Isreal) - Taught by Donna
29Hora Miresi- (Romania) Taught by Anna
Elo Dino (Romania) Taught by Anna
April 2018:
5Hatikvah (Israel) - Taught by Donna
Joc din Rebrisoara (Romania) - Taught by Anna
12Enigma (Israel) - Taught by Donna
Magyar Verbunk (Hungary) - Taught by Anna
26Rachel (Israel) Taught by Donna
Konyali (Turkey) - Taught by Dorothy
May 2018:
3Dunantuli Ugros (Hungary) - Taught by Anna
Mayim (Israel) - Taught by Dorothy
10Floricica Olteneaca (Romania) - Taught by Donna
Lei Lihilihi Lehua (Hawaii) Taught by Dorothy
24Grand Review
31Grand Review - Part 2
7First Dancing In the Park of the Summer!

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