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Our regular teaching sessions are from 7-8pm every thursday.

This was our 2014-2015 schedule for Thursday Nights:

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September 2014:
4Meet and Greet Night of Dancing (no teaching)
11Le Laride (France) - taught by Dorothy
Heyamo (Turkey) - taught by Dorothy
Pevano Kolo (Croatia) - taught by Donna
18Kak Pri Balkye (Russia) taught by Heather
Hora ca la Caval (Romania) - taught by Vinod
Mechol Hasheket (Israel) - taught by Dorothy
25Sa (Serbia) - taught by Carol
Rata (Romania) - taught by Donna
October 2014:
2Arap (Macedonia) - taught by Donna
Sirba Douze Doua (Romania) taught by Dorothy
9Review Night
16Iste Hendek (Turkey) taught by Lalita
Bobik Dzjour me Era (Armenia) taught by Dorothy
23Rumelaj (Gypsy Turkey) taught by Heather
Lerikos (Greece) taught by Vinod
30Zodiak (Israel) taught by Heather
Malhao (Portugal) taught by Dorothy
November 2014:
6Review Night
13Just Dance Night
20La Ventanita (Mexico) - taught by Susan
27Pata-Pata (South Africa) - taught by Susan
Aheya (Israel) - taught by Donna
December 2014:
4Sarba Batuta (Romania) - taught by Carol
Layla Isha (Israel/Morrocco) - taught by Dorothy
11Review Night
18Christmas Party - Just Dance Night
25No Dancing - Christmas Day
January 2015:
1New Years Day
8Ski Bumpus (Canada) - taught by Susan
15Tropitica De La Balti (Romania) - taught by Carol
Hozanki (Turkey) - taught by Dorothy
22Mishpachat Tzanani - taught by Dorothy
February 2015:
5Niski Cacak (Serbia) - taught by Carol
19Just Dance Night
26Kochari (Armenia) - taught by Carol
March 2015:
April 2015:
2No Dancing
9No Dancing
May 2015:
21Grand Review
28Last Dance Indoors before Summer
2First Dancing In the Park of the Summer!

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