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Teaching Schedule

Our regular teaching sessions are from 7-8pm every thursday.

This was our 2016-2017 schedule for Thursday Nights:

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September 2016
1Welcome Back Evening
8Radomirska Lesa (Bulgaria) - taught by Carol
Agir Halay (Turkey) - taught by Dorothy
15Tamir Agha Bar (Armenia) – taught by Carol
House & Buggy Schottishe (Scandinavia) - taught by Susan & Dorothy
22Jarnana (Albania) - taught by Dorothy
Maple Leaf Stomp (Canada) – taught by Dorothy
29Devojko Mari Hubava (Bulgaria) – taught by Dorothy
Ciganskoto Horo (Bulgaria) - taught by Carol
October 2016:
13Delile (Turkey) – taught by Dorothy
Konialis (Greece, Cappadocia) - taught by Lalita
20Brasni Carvul (Bulgaria) - taught by Dorothy
El Borot Haymayim (Israel) -taught by Donna
27El Llanera (Venuzuela) - taught by Susan
Dramskoto (Bulgaria) - taught by Dorothy
November 2016:
3Vodeno Horo (Bulgaria) – taught by Dorothy
For Your Birthday (Hungary) - taught by Susan
17At Va’ani (Israel) - taught by Dorothy
Gun Ola (Turkey) - taught by Lalita
24Djurdjevica (Serbia) – taught by Donna
La Cucaracha (Mexico) - taught by Susan
December 2016:
1Dzangurica (Bulgaria) – taught by Dorothy
Taba (Israel) - taught by Donna
8Likrat Shabat (Israel) – taught by Dorothy
22Christmas Social
29No Dancing - Happy New Year!
January 2017:
5Vlasko za pojas (Serbia) – taught by Dorothy
Ashrei Hay’ish (Israel) - taught by Vinod
12Trabzoni Bar (Armenia) – taught by Dorothy
Gayda (Turkey) - taught by Donna
19Sallama (Turkey) - taught by Dorothy
Debka Habir (Israel) – taught by Donna
February 2017:
2Maruntica (Romania) – taught by Dorothy
Bepundak Katan (Israel) - taught by Vinod
9Lazarska Racenica (Bulgaria) – taught by Dorothy
16Hora Yisrael (Israel) – taught by Dorothy
Davorike Dajke (Serbia) - taught by Vinod
March 2017:
2Preplet (Serbia) - taught by Dorothy
9Orot ve Ashan (Israel) - taught by Donna
Bielolitza Kruglolitza (Russia) - taught by Dorothy
16Batuta de la Morinu (Romania) – taught by Dorothy
April 2017:
6Vidinsko Horo (Bulgaria) - taught by Donna
13Sedi Donka (Bulgaria) - taught by Donna
May 2017:
4Esmer (Turkey) *easy! - taught by Dorothy
June 2017:
1Dancing In The Park begins!

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