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Broadway Street Fair 2016

Central Haven - Oct 24 2015

Thanks to Sandra for this photo!

Day Of Play 2015

Ilarion Residence 2014

Bentley Retirement Residence 2014

Broadway Street Fair 2013

Marathon 2013

Broadway Street Fair 2012

Festival of Trees 2011

Melfort's Folkfest 2011

Festival of Trees 2010

Festival of Trees 2009

Mosaic 2009 in Regina

Festival of Trees 2008

Saskatoon Fireworks Festival 2008

Valentine's Day 2008 at Market Mall

Mosaic 2007 in Regina

Thank you to Dorothy for this photo!

Folkfest 2006 at the Jewish Pavilion

Thanks to Lalita for these photos!

McNally Robinson Booksellers - Spring 2006

Thanks to Lalita for this photo!

Festival of Trees 2005

Folkfest 2005 at the Romanian Pavilion

Performance of the IncluDance Club - Spring 2003

At the Saskatchewan Association for Community Living Annual General Meeting, Top of the Sheraton Inn.

Thanks to Lalita for this photo!

Folkfest 2001 at the Jewish Pavilion

Folkfest 1992 at the Jewish Pavilion

The Saskatoon Junior FolkDancers

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