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Our Members!

This is where we'd like to let everyone know a bit about ourselves.

Susan dancing


My name is Susan. I grew up going to dances with my mom and dad in a Finnish community hall located in southern Saskatchewan. Dancing as always been a source of great joy.

I have been part of Saskatoon International Folk dance club for the past 3 years. 2010 - 2013 It has been such a great experience - the other members are great. Lots of different ages, ethnic backgrounds, and all people have been supportive and encouraging as we learn dances from the different countries. Our instructors present the dances in small sequences building up to the complete dance, so that it is easy to learn with lots of repetition. The music is so varied and very enjoyable to listen to.

I especially enjoy the modern type Israel dances like Hineh ma tov. This dance is a good aerobic workout with arm movements and bouncy steps. Amalel Shir is another one with head tosses and catchy music that I enjoy doing.

I attended one of the workshops taught by Lee Otterholt. If you ever get a chance to learn folk dance from him - GO. He presents the dances in such a fun way making it easy to learn. Watching his smooth effortless style of dancing is also pleasing.

Our club socials with pot luck finger foods or meal items are the best. A great treat to eat so much variety and different tastes with so many ethnic backgrounds.

We had a social and dance night at Istanbul Diner - that was fun to go out on the town and use the dance floor for the type of dancing we do.

Dancing outside the summer of 2012 was particularly enjoyable. The weather on the Thursday evenings was so grand that one of the nights we stayed dancing under the moon. Awesome.

The bonus is that you don't need to find a partner. Everyone is easy to dance with as we are a social club whose focus is having fun. You don't need to feel like you have to practice and do homework to keep up. Just come, do what you can and that is welcomed.



I danced with the club between 1991 and 1995, and I continue to show up once in every dozen-or-so blue moons. I started with the Junior Folkdancers before joining in the regular thursday night meetings alongside some of my junior folkdancer friends. I enjoyed dances like Krajdunavsko Horo and Floricica, and of course, the "tea cup dance" at the end of the night. I'm now proud to be helping with the club's website!
Happy Dancing Everyone!

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